• Christological (based on the life and methods of Christ) youth ministry leadership training and coaching
  • Youth ministry material and tools
  • Youth ministry resources
  • Enabling events
  • Youth ministry consultation

Process for implementation

Over the past six years, J-Life and Sonlife Africa have together developed four different levels in which we aim to “process” train emerging leaders and workers. These are as follows:
  • Level 1: Seminar Training and Coaching:
    In Africa the main, and often only, training method is the seminar. J-Life uses this as a platform for youth ministry/ministry training into communities. We aim to ensure that the best training is available to all who desire to grow a healthy disciple-making ministry. We however understand that Level 1 needs to go far beyond the traditional view of seminar training and is seen more in light of journeying with and coaching a local church or community of churches until they are a part of the disciple making movement God is raising up in Africa.
  • Level 2: Internship:
    J-Life seeks to provide an opportunity for more intense exposure to training for those who seek to gain a deeper experience of the life and ministry of Christ. At this level trainees join an internship training programme where they undergo training focused on the life and ministry of Christ. This programme is also aimed at giving students exposure and experience in ministry and helping them gain an understanding of where God wants them to be long-term. The way this has worked thus far has been that interns join a four-month training camp and are then placed into or return to their home church setting where they have the opportunity to gain experience and coaching as they implement the training.
  • Level 3: Career Preparedness Internship (CPI):
    J-Life seeks to continue preparing those interns who believe that God is calling them into long-term / “full-time” ministry. The CPI programme consists of both a theoretical and practical element. At this level interns are required to give 50% of their working time to studies and 50% of their time to ministry. It also requires the CPIs to join together four times a year for lectures, dialogue and assistance with assignments. J-Life is committed to mentoring leaders and not merely to the training up of professionals – Level 3 is a means of assisting to that end.    
  • Level 4: Ongoing Support:
J-Life is aware that at each level there will be people who choose not to move to the next level. We want to ensure that if trainees choose to do this, J-Life will continue encouraging them to multiply themselves and their ministry. J-Life Africa’s role at this level is to provide additional training, resources and refreshers to all who have completed any level of training to ensure that they remain true to the Life and Ministry of Christ.

Foundational Training and Coaching

Disciple making is at the core of J-Life. Learn about a disciple making strategy for your youth ministry in four modules that build on each other. These Modules are trained at a minimum of 6-month interval period or when the church has started implementing the training. J-Life is committed to coaching those who do the training to ensure that they are able to implement the theoy learned. Following each module there are normally a minimum of four coaching sessions.
Specific outcomes:
Grow leaders as disciplemakers through training and coaching
Implement effective disciplemaking ministries among youth in their ministry context.
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